Thursday, May 4, 2017

Protecting Your Online Reputation

 It’s what sets you apart from the myriad of other automotive dealers in the nation and even in your local area. That’s why you always want to ensure that you put the best information “out there” and have a reputable site.

But how do you protect your online reputation when people can post whatever they want on the Internet? One disgruntled customer could cost you sales. Here are a few tips to protect your brand and your marketing strategies so you can defend yourself and keep as many potential customers as possible.

• Google Yourself
This is the easiest way to see what’s in cyberspace about you or your business. Simply type your name into the Google search engine to find out what information already exists about you.

• Create an Alert with Your Name or Your Dealership’s Name
I’ve done this with my own name just so I can see if anybody is posting anything untrue about me online. You can easily create an alert through Yahoo or Google that will send you an e-mail whenever somebody posts your name online.

• Respond to Negative Comments
When customers are happy with their experience at an auto dealership, they typically don’t create a blog post or any other written statement expressing their satisfaction. But dissatisfied people will. And sometimes, they’ll even exaggerate the truth or just make completely false statements. If you see this, do your best to respond, whether by commenting or by contacting the person who posted the information. It might not be a big help, but at least you get your side of the story out there, too.

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